Plastic types

Plastics for all kinds of weather, and every taste.

Aurora line

Aurora Line gives you all you would ever want when it comes to plastic quality. With high durability, and it’s characteristic sparkly metal flakes, the Aurora Line is our best alternative if you after maximal performance and durability for every season. Aurora Line comes in wide variety of colors, that will make every player find their desired look. Usually the Aurora Line will be slightly more overstable than our other qualities of plastic.

Glacier line

Glacier Line is our seethrough high quality plastic. Glacier’s durability will make it beat in slower, and by that keep it’s abilities of flight for longer. The plastic will give you a good, steady grip in the hand, with just the right flexibility, and excellent stickyness and texture. Glacier Line is the perfect alternative if what you are looking for is plastic that will keep it’s shape, round after round.

Polar line

Polar Line is a high quality plastic with a metallic finish that makes unique among other discs on the market. The plastic has maximal performance when it comes to grip, with the sticky texture we offer in our highest quality plastics. The Polar will also be beat in over time, which makes it a perfect disc for “layering”, where you can keep a variety of the same disc in your bag that is beat in differently, for slightly different shot shapes. Perfect for the times you need that extra precision.

Vortex line

Vortex Line is a high quality plastic within our base segment. Base plastic is recognised by a matter, more rubbery texture, but with a harder flexibility. This makes Vortex ideal for putters, where you need maximal contact with your disc. Vortex is easier to beat in, for when you want to achieve a wider spectre of flight abilities, and also has a safe grip for all weather conditions.

Arctic line

Arctic Line is the perfect plastic quality for when you want a price friendly entry to the sport. The plastic is comparable to our Vortex plastic in texture and flexibility, but will be worn in faster over time. This is ideal when it comes to learning how stability changes over time, which is helpful when taking the steps in a beginner fase.

Icicle line

Icicle Line is a price friendly quality of plastic within our baseline segment. The plastic is comparable with Arctic Line, but with a faster wearing prosess. This makes Icicle the perfect plastic to start with. This is the plastic you will find in our starter kits, and will give you a great introduction to the sport, with the feeling of mastery already from your first throw.

Safety line

Extremely flexible plastic, made for safety - and fun at the course, in your yard or on the beach.


Lots of grip even in wet conditions. The most affordable plastic in our line. Soft but sturdy feel - ideal for putters!


S-line plastic offers the best combination of grip and durability. It’s got superior grip that performs well in most weather conditions, and with bright colors and slow wear – players will be able to throw these discs for a long time.


Good grip and a show-stopping see-through look. This plastic is our most dura- ble, so expect C-plastic discs to keep their original flight characteristics for a long time.