Icicle Starter Set

A perfect introduction to disc golf!

About Icicle Starter Set

The Icicle Disc Golf Starter Set is a price friendly introduction to your first rounds at the disc golf course. The set packs three discs, all specially designed by professional disc golf players to give you the throws and precision you want, from the get-go.

All discs are very easy to throw and will give you a feeling of mastering your basic throws early on. The set suit children as well as the rest of the family.


The set includes: 

White Raven (7/6/-3/1): Fairway Driver with supreme glide, giving you great length when you need it. For newer players the disc will be very true and dependable to the line you give it, and will be easily shapeable to have it fly just like you envision it too. 

Conquest (5/4/-2/1): Midrange with huge length potential. With a specially designed low profile this will very easy to get a good grip on, and will work perfectly for both backhand and forehand throws. 

Lockdown (3/3/0/2): A putter with a lot uses. Lockdown can take all the power you can give it, and at the same time give you very precise throws. A very grip friendly putter that fit all hands. The Lockdown is faster than most putters on the market, and will give you the maximal length of your putter throws when you want it, as well as good stability in wind conditions. 

Available in these plastic moulds:

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About the ICICLE plastic: Icicle is a grip friendly plastic quality for Norwegian conditions. Icicle has a good combination of texture and stickyness, which makes it ideal to use both in winter and summer. Icicle will wear over time, which will give you a wide spectre of uses and flight paths.

Flight chart

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