Silent Cruiser – Aurora Line

An unbeatable combination of speed, glide and control.

About Silent Cruiser – Aurora Line

If you want to go far, but still want a narrow and precise line, the Silent Cruiser is the disc you want in your bag.

Silent Cruiser is the fastest midrange in our lineup. The disc has an unbeatable combination of speed, glide and control. Are you new to the sport, want to increase the length of your throws, the Silent Cruiser is the way you want to go. The Silent Cruiser has a neutral flight path, with less of a fade at the end of it’s flight than our other midranges. More seasoned players will appreciate it’s ability to stay straight, even towards the end of it’s flight path. 

Aurora Line gives you all you would ever want when it comes to plastic quality. With high durability, and it’s characteristic sparkly metal flakes, the Aurora Line is our best alternative if you are after maximal performance and durability for every season. Aurora Line comes in wide variety of colors, that will make every player find their desired look. Usually the Aurora Line will be slightly more overstable than our other qualities of plastic.

Available in these plastic moulds:

Aurora line gives you high durability and sparkly metal flakes.

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Glacier line is our seethrough high quality plastic.

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Polar line: high quality plastic with a metallic finish.

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Vortex line is our rubbery good plastic for putters and alike.

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Arctic line is our price friendly entry-plastic to the sport.

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Icicle line is a price friendly quality of plastic within our baseline segment. 

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Safety line is the perfect starter plastic. Soft and gummy.

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D-line: Lots of grip even in wet conditions. The most affordable plastic in our line. 

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C-line: Good grip and a show-stopping see-through look. 

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S-line: Excellent grip in all weather conditions with great durability. 

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From PDGA:

Approved Date: Jun 23, 2020
Certification Number: 20-48


Max Weight: 175.1gr
Diameter: 21.1cm
Height: 1.8cm
Rim Depth: 1.3cm
Rim Thickness: 1.6cm
Inside Rim Diameter: 17.8cm
Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 6.2%
Rim Configuration: 39.50
Flexibility: 8.86kg

Flight chart

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