About Guru Discs

Creating frisbee memories since 1986

Who we are

It starts with an orange frisbee called Coupe. Our story, that is. It didn’t start with a chicken, it didn’t start with an egg. Our story starts with a Coupe. One of fifty that Eirik Petersen imported and sold to everyone that hung around the hills of Ekeberg, outside Oslo in 1986. All of them orange. One of the heroes of our story, Sune Wentzel was there and got one of those frisbees – and with that started the story that’s had many names, and more twists and turns than a thundering forehand flex shot. One name being Guru, and one of the turns taking us into the exciting world of disc golf production. Espen Møkkelgjerd, the former Disc Golf European Champion, and Svein Roger Maan – a disc golfer with a lot of experience in product development, become a part of the core team early, and we are immensely proud to now have our own groundbreaking Guru equipment – both in discs and disc golf bag design. 

What we live by

Our mission is to give the creative minds of disc golfers around the world the tools they need – to create unforgettable, magical moments – for themselves and everyone around them. To give disc golf players of every level the opportunity to unlock experiences they did not know was possible. And doing that through embracing and driving the changes of the our sport through hard work, groundbreaking design, and fun days at the office.

Where we’re located

Conceived, born and raised in and around the city, Guru Discs has always called Oslo home. And since the first spark was ignited at Ekeberg in 1986, and the first little store was opened off of a shoe rack at Tokerudberget, the community – and the relation with every single customer entering the store has always been the very essence of what we do. We have always felt that disc golf is the world’s best social sport, and we want to do our part to keep it that way –  starting with how we meet eachother, and the customers buying our discs, bags and other equipment. We always thrive to build friendships, and make memories together. Then again, being such passionate fans of every part of this wonderful game, giving a little bit of extra time and passion to talk about disc golf – really is quite easy. 

In the growing years our business had shop in Oslo city center, but in 2012 Guru finally found it’s home in Østre Aker vei 203. Just 6 km from where it all started, with a shoe shelf at Tokerudberget, sharing offices with our sibling company Guru Disc Golf, and our parent company Sune Sport. Please stop by – and get the best off-course disc golf experience in Norway.